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At ERD Rebar, we utilize the latest computer aided software to develop accurate and comprehensive placing plans with required Sections. Our detailers pride themselves in accuracy and adherence to project schedules. Once plans are approved by the Engineer & Architect the BBS / Barlist supplied by us can be directly fed into the aSa / Armor Rebar production (Fabrication) system. The streamlined Rebar Detailing process in ERD, eliminates any additional data entry points and is the most efficient way of processing your order.

Our Team providing Rebar Detailing services to Contractor, Sub-contractors, Supplier, fabricators, Owners, customer etc.,
Our Team will follow “EPACTS” system in our all project outputs doing Shop/Placing drawings.
We are providing various drawings / production / electronic export file format report in our service depends upon client request and releasing formatted files as follows below.


Drawing export file format

  • DWG

  • DXF

  • PDF

  • Production file Export file format

  • aSa File Output (.CAD)

  • Soul'e File Output (.SLE)

  • Pinnacle Fiel Output (.PIN)

  • ROMAC File Output (.ROM)

  • Canada Wide File Output (.WID)

  • ARMA+File Output (.CSF)

  • Shear97 File Output (.CSF)

  • Shear97 File Output (.CSV)

  • RebarCAD Standard File Output (.CSF)

  • RMS File Putput (.CDI)

  • Harris File Output (.TSV)

  • Electronic file Export file format

  • SteelPAC (SDI)

  • Pinnacle (PIN)

  • Ariadis (SDI)

  • Harris (TSV)

  • RebarCAD Standard Output (CSF)

Our Detailing Drawings / production file Procedures

  • All received drawings must be checked with cover sheets.

  • All received drawings, releasing dates noted in our shop drawings sheets.

  • Our Shops Drawings are Attention to Engineer for Some Section Details Conflicts and Rebar Clarification A/E Verify Notes.

  • Our Shop/Placing drawings submittal, separate segment-wise as per request from contractor / Sub contractor / Fabricator etc.,

  • Our Released drawings are follow all aspects such as Consideration of Stocks / Transportation and Shipping / Easy Handling / Grouping / Easy Readable / Easy Understandable/Cover Details / Lap Details / Future Connectivity (Dowels) / Special bars bend type availability Etc.,

  • Our drawings must follow as per Specification division 03 Concrete & Reinforcement and division 04 Masonry.

  • Our releasing drawings / production file report break-outs as per Structural element wise / Area-wise / Site pour-wise as per scope / client request.

  • We estimate Mesh Quantity as per client / Customer available mesh standard Size

  • Concrete accessories included in our shops as per client/customer request (eg:Pier Sleds, Pier Bolster, Bricks, Mil Vapor / Visquen, IHC, Plastic Chairs, Beam Bolster, Slab Bolster etc.,)

  • Our Drawing are Covered All Rebar Support such as Standees, Support Bars, Spacer Bars, Face Bars / Skin Reinforcement depends upon client/customer request.

  • Our Shop drawings / mail notes intimate to fabricator / Yard worker attention if Any Different Grade / Special Bars are found in our shops such as (Epoxy / Welded to plate Bars / Galvanized / Threaded Bars / Drill & Epoxy Grout Bars Etc.,)

  • Communication day to day to follow up Drawings Submission Schedule / Yard Planning Schedule and any Pending RFI’s / Clarification Mail Response.

  • Our Work based as per your Requirements such Templates / Title Block / Shipment Procedure / Customer name etc.,

  • Our team Easily capable to adopt your standards / Procedure to Satisfy your Requirements in work done.

  • Suppose if we have receive any New drawings / Addendum changes / site changes in our shops, we will review and send you a copy of Rebar Change Notice format (RCN) with list of changes and approximate working hours. After getting confirmation only we will proceed our work and submit revision shop drawings.

  • Our team have able to provide IBM barmarks as per request from contractor / client.

  • Our Team always taken into account structural steel components in our shop drawings.

  • Our Team follows Bend type as per Standard codes.