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Our Team providing Rebar estimating services to Contractor, Sub-contractors, Supplier, fabricators, Owners, customer etc.,

Our Team never miss any rebars in our project doing take-off and we have followed “EPACT” system in our all outputs.

Our Estimating summary report based as per our client requested formats.

We are providing various estimating service summary report formats as follows below :

  • aSa Rebar Estimation (.edf & .pdf)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls & .pdf)
  • Shear 97 (.dat & .pdf)


    Our Material Take-off Procedures :

    • All received drawings must be checked with cover sheets.

    • All received drawings, releasing dates noted in our report sheets.

    • Our Rebar take-off report based as per scope / bid form/ Schedule price / mail instructions.

    • Alternate / Separate price must be noted in our report sheet (if any)

    • Our Take-off as per Specification division 03 Concrete & Reinforcement and division 04 Masonry.

    • Our Summary report break-outs as per Element wise / Bar Size-wise / Bend Type-wise / Grade-Wise and Separate Segment and sub-segments.

    • We estimate Mesh Quantity as per client / Customer available mesh standard Size.

    • Our service release special bars Break-outs for Threaded / Couplers/Formsaver in Bar splicer format / Separate Miscellaneous Item summary

    • In our take-off report, we will cover all Addendum’s, Amendment, RFI’s , CCO, Change order, Post-Tender addendum etc.,

    • Concrete accessories included as per client/customer request (eg:Pier Sleds, Pier Bolster, Bricks, Mil Vapor / Visquen, IHC, Plastic Chairs, Beam Bolster, Slab Bolster etc.,)

    • Our Take-off should cover stud rails depends upon client/customer request.

    • Our Report inclusion of Punching shear reinforcement and PT Slab additional

    • Hold down Anchors included as per Client / Customer Request.

    • PT Estimate

    • We are providing PT Estimate service and take-off procedure as follows below:
      All PT Slab estimate quantity based as per Structural / PT Engineer design.
      Our Team will provide to evaluate PT Cable Length for span Main and Distributed.
      Our Estimate PT Cables should be “Fully Encapsulated System (DE+ SE+IA)” and unbounded Cables.
      Estimated PT Cable Diameter and weight based as per Contract Drawings (0.5” and 0.6”).
      PT Rebar Additional Bars such as Back-up Bars, Brusting Bars, Hairpins Bars, Banded Support Cut Bars, Skew Banded tendon addtionals etc.,
      PT Estimate includes accessories such as “Plastic Chairs” and Height based as per Contract Drawings.